Chambers Brook Consulting provides services tailored to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers. We do this by leveraging expert resources within the disciplines we support to develop and implement startegies on behalf of our customers. 

We focus on the following Practices:

Business Strategy Consulting - Our team consists of experienced business professionals from both public and private companies who have held C level and Board positions in every size company. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, it is always a good idea to have access to seasoned and experienced Executives to help you as you develop company’s strategy.

Product and Service Development - Having a good idea for a new product or service is only a small part of the Product Life Cycle. Our team has experts from every aspect of the product life cycle from financial modeling and product creation to marketing and sales strategies.

Video and UC Collaboration - It is a daunting task for companies to keep current on the ever changing and expanding options for Video and UC technology.  The complexity of these Video and UC platforms has many companies struggling to meet the growing demand for these capabilities. Our team has experienced and certified engineers who specialize in designing, implementing and supporting the industry’s leading Video and UC solutions. We do not sell equipment so we are free to recommend the best of breed solutions that most closely meet you requirements. We focus on making sure that you have a successful deployment and the highest return on investment for your video and UC spend.

Custom Software Development - Often companies need to develop software based tools and solutions that just aren’t readily available or they have an idea for a new application, but don’t have the resources or software development knowledge in house. Our team is made up of software development experts who have been involved in projects of all sizes. Whether it is creating a few custom reports or a complete services management platform, we have the resources to help you achieve your goal. 

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