Business Strategy Consulting

Our team consists of experienced business professionals from both public and private companies who have held C level and Board positions in every size company. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, it is always a good to have access to seasoned and experienced Executives to help you as you develop your company’s strategy.

Our Approach

Whether you are trying to develop a strategy to start a new business, fix an existing business or simply take your company in a new direction, we can provide an unbiased perspective and help you through the process. Through years of combined experience at many different companies, we have developed a methodology for developing sound strategies and plans. Chambers Brook can be involved in all or parts of this depending on where you are in your strategy cycle:

Current State Analysis - 
We spend time with key members of the leadership team, functional managers and stakeholders to develop an understanding of company’s current business environment, products and services. We also seek to establish how the company is viewed both internally and externally and how this compares with leadership’s perception. We gather or create as needed, appropriate documentation, performance and relevant metrics that will provide a complete picture of the current state of the business and identified challenges.

Desired State Analysis 
We spend time with key members of the leadership team, functional managers and stakeholders to develop an understanding of what you are looking for in the next phase of the business. We will gather or create as needed, appropriate diagrams, documentation, features and functionality that are required to clearly define the objectives and goals of the business.

Gap Analysis - 
We evaluate the results of the Current Sate and Desired State analysis to develop a Gap analysis showing the areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve the desired state. We develop a high level strategy and recommendations for closing the gaps and getting from the current state to the desired state. This is an important check point for you to determine if we have identified and clearly defined the requirements and that you are in agreement with the stated goals.

Feasibility Analysis - 
We research the feasibility of achieving the desired state, including the cost of implementing the strategy, resources required, competitive landscape and market conditions that might impact the success of the strategy. We not only evaluate the initial cost but the total cost of operation to determine if the desired state fits the criteria outlined by the you and meets your expectations.

Development of Tactical Plan 
We leverage the overall strategy document to develop a roadmap, tactical plan, timeline and dependencies to achieve the desired state. The plan will identify the anticipated resources required at each stage.

Project Management and Staff Augmentation - 
We can provided resources to implement the plan on a short or long term basis.
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